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GIC Management provides a wide range of business services for companies of all sizes.

We are business-oriented and through wide international management experience, we are especially skilled in establishing business units, interim and project management as well as turnarounds.

Our company is represented in China and Denmark but we can assist you where needed.

We can also provide you with the necessary cultural skills and training in order to succed in your preferred location.

GIC Management is founded and run by Carsten Jensen. He has extensive experience setting up, managing and turning around business units all over Russia, China and Europe.

Our people are skilled in strategic, tactical and operational levels and have negotiated with governments in various countries.

We have wide experience as head of companies including P&L responsibility and as head of operations, in factory coordination, establishing Greenfield units and integrating those into company cultures and values.

GIC Management has worked worldwide in cross-functional environments with focus on WC performance.

We have led project oriented units with integrated sales and product development focusing on developing products and systems for global as well as domestic customers.

GIC Management has wide experience in initiating and implementing LEAN.


  1. Intro
  2. Establishing Business Units
  3. Interim Management
  4. Project Management
  5. Turnaround Management
  6. All-round services


GIC Management can assist your organization in succeeding on several levels. Our main services include setting up, managing and turning around your business units based on your terms and needs.

We also provide additional services such as recruiting the right employees in both the set-up phase as well as in managing and turning around your business.

Our company can also assist you in terms of cultural training, communication, setting up a local website or assist you in dealing with local authorities and legal matters.

Main Service Areas:

  • Establishing Busines Units
  • Interim Management
  • Project Management
  • Turnaround Management
  • All-round Services


Setting up new business units or relocating business is a complicated and long process with a lot of resources involved.

If the new unit is to be established in another country outside your operating area you will also face cultural challenges.

We can partner with you in establishing or relocating a business unit in different ways:

  • Our managers can step in as consultants to ensure that all aspects of establishing a new company is evaluated and a detailed plan worked out.
  • We can offer you a turnkey project where we provide all necessary resources and expertise on location. We cooporate with your main staff for knowledge transfer.
  • You can use our people in parts of the establishment process where you do not have the inhouse expertise or resources.
  • GIC Management can carry out the project management responsibility and run the establishing process with your staff.


The international business environment is facing significant changes and not all organizations will thrive without help.

GIC management can provide the interim expertise and energy that is required to succeed.

We provide experienced interim managers for immediate hands-on support through periods of growth, change or loss of key management.​

Interim Management can be an effective solution where time and results are essential.

Benefits from assigning an interim manager to manage a period of transition, crisis or change within an organization:

  • Flexibility: Our managers can step in on short notice, and you are only committed to the agreed period of time. It's fast and effective.
  • Return on Investment: We operate on the understanding of goals and objectives being performed and delivered, not simply on attendance.
  • Expertise: Our experience and knowhow enables us to be productive and make a noticeable impact from the outset, maximising the likelihood of success.
  • Accountability: GIC Management takes accountability for results and will be instrumental in an assignment's successful delivery. We give you peace of mind.


It is often hard to reconcile the conflicting demands of day-to-day management of the business and project Management.

GIC Management can provide the right skills and experience whatever the nature or complexity of the challenge might be.

Our company can facilitate your project, assist in project management or take the full project management responsibility.

We are experienced in various approaches to managing a project. This is a list of areas where we have engaged in project management:

  • LEAN
  • Sourcing
  • Quality
  • Environment
  • Product development
  • Technology
  • Strategy
  • CSR
  • Organization


Turnaround management can help in situations where directions, strategy or a general change of the ways of working needs to be implemented.

GIC Management can provide fast analysis, get quickly into the problem and plan the changes needed turning the business onto the right track.

With many years of experience in change management, GIC Management can be the facilitator or directly take the lead in turning around your business unit.

Whether facilitating or leading the turnaround we are your guarantee for:

  • Fast tracking major projects within tight timeframes.
  • Managing the introduction of business changes.
  • Integrating new technologies to support the business.
  • Delivering process improvements, cost reductions and better throughput.
  • Engaging your team in the change to ensure sustained improvements.


Setting up or running a business unit requires a number of skills that are not necessarily core competencies.

Therefore we offer to assist in these matters, so that you can focus on your business.

We can assist your organisation on many levels. Here are a few examples:

  • Local Authorities/Legal Matters: When establishing or managing a business unit you are often faced with legal matters and local authorities. GIC can help and assist you in these dealings.
  • Recruitment: We can assist you in hiring local employees with the right skill sets that will fit into your corporate culture.
  • Cultural Training: Doing business in different parts of the world means facing different cultures. Our people can help you face these cultural barriers and challenges through cultural training.
  • Communication: GIC Management can help you with a communication strategy for your business unit as well as setting up and maintain a local website.


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At GIC Management we have extensive knowledge on setting up new business units, interim management and project management as well as turnarounds.

We are also experts in production and technology strategy, process development as well as acquisitions.

We are experienced in strategic as well as operational levels and have negotiated with governments in various countries.

We have worked in China, Russia and most of Europe, including Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Schwitzerland, Slovakia, Poland and Denmark.

On the right you will find a selection of our working experience.


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